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European fulfilment from DK Fulfilment

If you are a growing eCommerce or distribution company then moving into Europe can be a big step. Our partner company DK Fulfilment has launched it’s european fulfilment service to offer a european distribution service to companies that are looking to expand into Europe.

Based between Frankfurt and Cologne our 200,000 sq ft state of the art facility can receive, store and fulfil your European orders. Our team of experts have the resource to advise on best transportation links to suit your needs along with real time IT solutions, giving you full visibility on your stock at all times.

For more information about the range of services that DK Fulfilment offer, please visit the website.

If you are looking for packaging solutions for your company then speak to us today and we can work with your company to find the best solutions for your needs.

Saving Costs on Packaging: Staying Competitive in a Strained Economy

The British economy contracted by 0.3% during the final financial quarter of 2012, and this has left the nation hovering on the precipice of a triple dip recession. In the resulting panic, businesses are looking to find ways of minimising their costs without impacting on their potential to make profit, with those affiliated to marketing and operations most likely to be reduced. There are smaller factors that may offer additional savings, however, especially if you sell a product rather than a service to your consumers.

How to Save Money on Packing: Three Practical Steps

With this in mind, what practical steps can you take towards minimising your packaging costs without compromising the businesses distribution process? Consider the following options: –

Ÿ  Make Sure the Packaging Fits the Product: While it is tempting to ensure that your fragile products are secure when despatched, you can overspend on protective packaging. There are more cost effective ways of protecting your stock, however, and by adopting a minimalist approach to packaging you can prevent any potential damage in transition. With this in mind, you should avoid using large or oversized boxes to transport products, and also strive to use individual packaging on each item. This can not only cut the amount of material used, but also minimise the risk of product returns.

Ÿ  Embrace Sustainable Materials: Traditional packaging materials such as plastic are not only costly, but they also cause considerable damage to the well being of the environment. As a result, by choosing to embrace sustainable materials and the process of recycling, you save considerable amounts of money and also contribute towards greater ecological gains. It is even possible to invest in recycling in-house, as this creates the opportunity for even greater savings over a prolonged period of time. This process may even help you to win more business, as it is compatible with the general social attitude to environmental responsibility.

Ÿ  Re-evaluate your Culture and Business Philosophy: As a small business owner, it is easy to become regimented in your thought and decision making processes. Creative thinking is key to success in a strained economy, however, and this is especially true when it comes to cutting costs without impacting on operational efficiency. By addressing your businesses attitude towards waste and overall culture, you can change the approach to packaging and the way in which goods are sold and transported.

The Last Word

If you own and operate a product orientated business, then the cost of packaging can undermine your profitability. It is possible to change this, however, simply by addressing your wider business philosophy and the way in which you sell, package and distribute goods. It is crucial that you cut these costs, especially when you consider the increased competition in a struggling economy and the fact that a number of firms now offer free shipping an as incentive to customers.

The Benefit of Customised Packaging to Suit your Business

While modern business is often associated with jargon and industry renowned buzz words, there are some that offer a clear insight into the direction of contemporary commerce. Customisation is a prominent example of this, as although it is often used it also describes a trend that defines the prevailing attitude of consumers and businesses in 2013. Customisation can be used to drive all areas of your business, from creating a brand to distinguishing your products packaging on shelves throughout the UK.

Embracing Customised Packaging: Three Fundamental Benefits

In term of the latter, creating customised packaging can deliver several advantages to your business.   These not only enable your firm to claim a larger share of the consumer market, but also help it to maximise turnover and eventual profit. Consider the following: –

ñ  Standing Apart from Rival Brands: The packaging that wraps your products is of pivotal importance, as a well defined brand can enable even mediocre goods to sell in high volume. By customizing well designed and branded packaging, you can give your products a critical market edge and enable your business to claim a greater share of the retail market. This can be measured in increased profitability, which over time will boost the profile of your brand and serve as a prelude to longer term success.

ñ  Assume Complete Control of Cost and Design: One the fundamental advantages of creating customised packaging are that you can assume complete control over cost and design. For example, not only can you choose to brand minimal packaging, but you will also have the opportunity to combine colour and aesthetic design in any manner that you see fit. Each decision that you take will have a cost implication, which means that as your progress through the design process you will be able to budget in pence rather than pounds, and ultimately spend only the exact amount that you can afford.

ñ  Meet the Demands of your Consumer Base: The most important facet of any business is the consumer, especially given the influence that modern customers have over brands. By developing customized packaging, you will enhance the flexibility of your business model and put yourself in a position where you will be able to react to changing consumer trends. This also allows you to create recycled or environmentally friendly packaging, which serves to minimise your costs as you tap into a key growth industry. Do not underestimate the potential of this, especially as the sense of social responsibility continues to evolve.

The Conclusion

The trend of customisation is a defining one for many businesses, especially in the quest to distinguish themselves from close market rivals. It is also something that can be used a broad range  of business activities, and gradually help to create an unique and powerful brand that outperforms businesses of a similar stature.

Customising packaging is just one example of where a business can distinguish itself, but it is also one of the most important. The packaging used to dress products is extremely important, both in terms of enticing customers and advertising a brand effectively, so the ability to create something  unique and memorable will stand your business in good stead for years to come.

Benefits of buying bespoke cardboard boxes

Bespoke cardboard boxes are those which have been designed and manufactured according to the needs of a customer. Some people struggle to find packaging for unusual items, which is where made to measure services come in use. The customer simply has to inform the manufacturer of their requirements which include size, material and quantity.

Advantages of bespoke cardboard boxes

Although most people associate bespoke services with being more expensive, if you order your cardboard boxes in bulk, you will find that they are actually more cost effective. By ordering bespoke cardboard boxes you can also benefit from lower shipping costs as you will not need to use as much padding, meaning that your packages will weigh less. The costs you save can be passed directly onto your customers, encouraging them to buy again from you in the future.

Bespoke cardboard boxes will provide better protection for your items. This is particularly important if you are sending fragile items out to customers. If a cardboard box is too big for an item and you do not use enough padding it may be at risk from damage. On the other hand if you find you have to cram your items into small boxes, you could be at risk from them tearing or collapsing during transportation. Neither of these problems are something which successful businesses want to have to deal with, which is why bespoke cardboard boxes are the perfect packaging solution.

Environmentally friendly boxes

Bespoke cardboard boxes are usually made from brown or white corrugated cardboard, which is fairly durable making it re-usable if you store it away safely after use. Corrugated cardboard is favoured by many businesses when it comes to packaging, as it is an environmentally friendly material which can be recycled.

Whether you are an individual trader, or part of a small or large business, bespoke cardboard boxes may turn out to be the ideal packaging solution for your company.

DK Group Packaging SWOT Analysis; a distributor with a difference.

Your Editor was invited to review the progress that DK Group Packaging have made over the last sixteen months…and I have to admit to being startled by my visit. When Mark Lewis (the Managing Director and co-owner of the packaging division) told me that he was heading up a new packaging business I expected to wander into a relatively small operation. Imagine my surprise when I found a humming 60,000 square foot packaging operation that was already turning over a nicely profitable E3.5m…and growing at a rate of knots. He also failed to mention that they were part of a highly successful £27m group with a 90 year pedigree and sites in the UK and Germany Their new packaging venture already has some good flexible conversion kit with a focus on specialised short run work:a 2.8m rotary printer slotter with an in-line die cutter; a new 2-colour automatic die cutter (I I 00x I 200); semi-auto gluers and stitchers and an automatic EMBA gluer. For their high volume case demand, they source from the best fit machinery in the industry., as you would expect from a well leveraged purchasing policy. Mark brings packaging sales, distribution and design expertise to the DK Group.Whilst many successful businesses have a good guy at the helm, what will surely set these fellas up for the future is that they’re attracting other high calibre people to join the adventure.

The latest to join them is Justin Filby, their new UK Business Director – who brings a wealth of sales, commercial and operations experience.Then there’s Dennis Spiers, the Design and Innovation Manager who has a phenomenally creative approach to pragmatic, elegant pack design. Mark reflects: It’s really important that were able to attract great people like Justin and Dennis. They see what I see.., an exciting opportunity to build a career in a growing, profitable company backed by an organisation that is willing and able to invest in our on-going development” Having reflected at length, I can’t think of another packaging business that has as broad an offer as they do;

  • Their own timber mill.
  • A sheet plant gives them technical credibility in corrugated; the item that typically represents 70% of their clients’ packaging spend.
  • A packaging distribution offering consumable packaging from stock and vendor managed inventory.
  • An online packaging shop (www.packaging365.co.uk) for bespoke and stock lines.
  • A smooth fulfilment service.
  • A significant contract packing capability that can flex to huge spikes in demand.
  • A leading edge Design and Innovation Centre.

In fact it’s well worth dwelling on this last point…I was blown away by their commitment to differentiate in this area in particular. Where many have typically been sleepy getting complex samples back to industrial buyers, Dennis has put a formal service guarantee in place to turn around new designs within a day. Underlying everything is a deep-seated commitment to keeping their promises. Having met the team, I suspect that they’d rather run into razor wire than even consider letting a customer down.

Abaca Signs up DK Group Packaging

Abate have signed up yet another UK client. this time with DK Group Packaging, who have sites in Rugby. Newcastle-Under-Lyme and Coventry.

Abacus Sales Director sums it up nicely:”VVe were very impressed with DK Group Packaging’s growth and investment plans and of course delighted when they chose the Abate business system They had a very clear idea of the functionality that they were looking for, notably: online retailing: RF bar coded stock control for their distribution business and shop floor data collection for their sheet plant manufacturing capability. They’ll be using every aspect of our functionality to its potential, which is great to see. Indeed, DK Group Packaging have been wonderfully decisive…it’s taken just a few weeks to go from their initial enquiry in January all the way through to us agreeing an implementation plan in mid-March. We’re now working hard to ensure a smooth transition when we go live on the 1st of July.” DK Packaging’s Managing Director Mark Lewis notes “Abaca was by far the most important item on our shopping list of investments. Abate will integrate our distribution. manufacturing and e-commerce offering. It will be the heart of our business”.

DK Packaging Group install three machine supplied by GTS

A GA/Sodeme Two Piece 6.4m stitcher/gluer, a Solarco Boxmatic 23 machine with pallet feeder and a Solarco Ecomatic 18 hand fed machine.

Justin Filby, UK Business Director says “The Boxmatic 23 & the Sodeme stitcher/gluer are an ideal fit for our Corrugated Extra division, which specialises in large format cases including over sized palletised containers. The automatic pallet feeder on the Boxmatic 23 gives us significant advantages in reduced handling of large sheets, making this machine a 1 person operation. We have also managed to gain significant efficiency benefits on smaller cases by producing multi-outs on this machine.

The Sodeme stitcher/gluer is the ideal partner for the the Boxmatic 23 with its ease of usability & significant versatility. The smaller Boxmatic 18 hand fed machine also produces multi-outs with minimal set up time, which again has delivered significant efficiency improvements on small to medium run quantities. All this, together with GTS Europe’s significant advice and support throughout the installation project has meant a smooth & seamless integration of this new equipment”